Types of Soft Furnishings Available

We also offer a selection of other soft furnishings to help you complete the look and design of you home, check out the range of soft furnishings that we provide. If you like these, you should see our curtains and blinds!


Decorative cushions can add depth and dimension to a living space, go subtle or go bold to complete the look of your living room. We provide both cushions and cushion covers in a variety of sizes and shapes. Mix and match existing designs or give us a concept and let us work from there.



No shortage of choice


We can provide every type of rug imaginable, with hundreds of different materials, construction, patterns, rug shapes and styles to choose from, you can get it all the Carpet & Curtain Gallery. Rugs are an excellent way to bring warmth and depth into a room, especially if you have laminate or vinyl flooring.


  • More energy efficient – rugs can help keep heat in a room by acting as a layer of insulation on your floor.
  • Reduces echo – a room that echoes can feel empty and not very welcoming, a rug can reduce the echo in a room and make it feel homelier.
  • Noise reducing – laying rugs in high traffic areas around your home can reduce the noise that downstairs may hear – this is ideal for people who live in flats.
  • Gives you a starting point – trying to put together a room from scratch can be a challenge, colour and style of furniture and accessories need to be considered and with endless options this can be a real struggle. Finding a rug and building a room around that is a great way to get the aesthetic look your looking for and could save you both time and money!


Get a good night sleep with luxury bedding sets curtesy of Carpet and Curtain Gallery. The bedding you sleep on can have an effect not only on your sleeping, but on your health. Synthetic fabrics have been linked to respiratory and other health issues due to the chemicals used to make them. Natural fabrics on the other hand can help you get a better night sleep and help regulate body temperature. We provide a range of bedding in a range of fabrics including; 100% cotton, silk and linen, no matter what your preference, we offer the following;

Top sheet/flat sheet

Bottom sheet/fitting sheet



Duvet and pillow covers

Padded Headboards

Add a sense of class to your bedroom with one of our padded headboards. Whether you are looking for premade of custom made, we only provide the finest fabric and leather upholstery and padding for our headboards.

Enhances comfort

Protects wall

Enhances style

Easy to care for

Jazz Up Your Living Space with Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings can help you transform your living space into something spectacular but they also have many other benefits

Cost Effective

Even if you are on a strict budget, it is possible to decorate your home with soft furnishings. When it comes to interior design, soft furnishings are the most cost-effective option compared to buying decorative items made of wood, metal or marble (to name a few).

Adds Warmth and Comfort

Soft furnishings add a sense of warmth and comfort to any room, they can also help a room look more put together.

Easy to Update

Soft furnishings are not permanent fixtures and are easy to update, not only can you change them easily, you can also move them around. Mix and match with curtains and blinds to complete the look.

Effortless Design

Adding soft furnishings to your home is as easy as putting a couple of cushions and a throw on your sofa. But this simple design process can add dimension and texture to an otherwise dull room.

Individual Style

Soft furnishings allow you to bring a bit of your own personality and style into a room. We encourage customers to only buy soft furnishings if they love them, and we are dedicated to helping you find items that you love.

Why Choose Us

If you are looking to change up your property, choosing us for your soft furnishing needs is a step in the right direction, you will receive;

  • Free consultation
  • Endless soft furnishing options
  • Free interior design services when you get your soft furnishings from us
  • We also work with companies that cheap storage Glasgow facilities making any changes smooth and seamless