Curtains & Blinds for Every Window

Sue will use her 30 years of experience to create your ideal window dressing, making most items personally in-store.

A visit to our showroom will reveal a fantastic selection of traditional and contemporary fabrics at competitive prices and Sue will be delighted to advise you as to suitability in any particular location.

Alternatively, you can choose in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by your existing furnishings, making co-ordination even easier, Sue will be pleased to bring samples to you.


We offer a made-to-measure service as well as a selection of ready-made curtains and blinds from our friends at Casa Blinds. When you opt for made-to-measure curtains or blinds, there are some optional additions to your order, these include;

  • Blackout
  • Thermal
  • Electric


Curtains offer privacy and warmth to any room and with endless colour and style options, there is something for everyone. Curtains help block direct sunlight, help you get a better night sleep and are extremely customisable.

We offer every style of curtain you could possibly want to create the perfect look for your space, including;

Box pleat

Rod pocket

Pinch pleat


Tailored pleat



Blinds are a great addition to any living space, they can be subtle or bold but for the most part, take up little space and look sleek. Blinds come in a wide range of materials, are easy to maintain and, like curtains, are very customisable.

We offer different types of blinds, including but not limited to;

Vertical blinds

Venetian blinds

Roman blinds

Roller blinds

Cellular blinds

Blind Materials We Use & Their Benefits

The material of your blinds is just as important as the style, we offer a variety of materials including;

  • Wood – wooden blinds offer optimum privacy, with no risk of shadows being cast as you walk past, they’re also extremely low maintenance and can be easily cleaned, preventing grime and dirt build up.
  • Faux Wood – faux wooden blinds are best used in a kitchen or bathroom, faux wood does not warp due to moisture and heat as real wood does and is easy to wipe down.
  • Plastic (PVC) – PVC blinds are durable and cost-effective, not only are PVC blinds reasonably priced, they can also help keep heat in a room, offering a more energy efficient option.
  • Metal (Aluminium) – despite being made of metal, aluminium blinds also come in a range of colours, so you won’t be short of choice. With new innovation, metal blinds are now more lightweight and let more light in than ever before.
  • Paper – if you’re struggling to find the perfect blinds for you, then paper blinds can make a great place holder until you find what you’re looking for.
  • Natural Fabric – natural fabrics are better for your health and the environment and is luxurious, the natural fabrics that we provide for blinds include; cotton, wool, silk and linen.
  • Synthetic Fabric – synthetic fabrics are more durable and cost-effective than natural fabric.

Matching Accessories

As well as curtains and blinds, we also offer a large range of accessories and soft furnishings. Mix and match or colour coordinate to make a unique space, personalised to your individual style. Designing the aesthetic home, you’ve always wanted has never been easier.

Why Choose Us

Choosing us for curtain and blind services has never been more appealing, we provide;

  • Complete fitting service on all products
  • Large choice of poles, tracks and tie backs
  • All types of blinds available
  • Free, no obligation measuring and choose at home service